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 Yu-Gi-Oh God cards

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ThazZ Dugg
Amateur Duelist
Amateur Duelist

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PostSubject: Yu-Gi-Oh God cards   Tue Jun 30, 2009 6:23 am


This is my first topic and post here,so I have one question. Can someone please tell me how to get God Cards in Yu-Gi-Oh game. I'm playing Yu-Gi the destiny,and I'd like to have God cards to improve my deck. So if it is possible to have God cards in this game I'd like to have them. So if someone knows where I can get the cards and what's the way to "activate" the, I'd really appreciate that. I have "all" cards,I got them when I downloaded tutorial,it's the great help. Please answer me.

P.S How do I export cards from one deck to another one. For example,I want to export cards from Yugi's game to Kaiba's game. Is that possible? If it is please tell me the procedure.
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Amateur Duelist
Amateur Duelist

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PostSubject: Re: Yu-Gi-Oh God cards   Tue Dec 21, 2010 6:38 pm

I don't know how to get them to the other games, but if you look around the forum there's a video on how to get it to Joey (this is the most important game if you're planning to go up against others here, as it's the only one with LAN gameplay, aka Hamachi).

The God Cards weren't released in the game, you'd have to mod it to get them, and even then you wouldn't TRULY have them, just it's image and, with the help of Cheat Engine, a small portion of it's power.

I hope I have helped, this is my first post too but I'm good with videogames and how they work Smile
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Yu-Gi-Oh God cards
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